You don’t know how to date a girl? Take you through 9 dating tips

Dating a woman is a process that we have to go through in the process of picking up girls, and it is a very critical process that can determine whether you can win the girl. Today’s article will tell you the DOS and don ‘ts of dating in different situations:

Dating skills teach you how to date.
1. Parks: Visiting parks is one of the most common ways for young couples to fall in love. It should be noted that we shouldn’t sit still in one place, taking our sister around the park and enjoying the beautiful scenery, which will only avoid the embarrassing situation (you can talk about the scenery of the park).


2, take a walk: three steps with my sister is something I used to do when dating. Why? The important thing is to let her walk on the other side of the sidewalk, which will give her a careful and gentlemanly feeling. For her, this is a sense of security (almost 90% of her sisters like it) and she likes it very much.


3. Exercise: There are many sports, such as playing badminton, keeping fit, etc. When you do a sports meeting together, you will have a lot of interaction, and maybe physical contact. In short, the sense of connection will be stronger than that of a normal date. Think about what kind of people you usually ask to exercise with. Is the relationship slightly better?

I once asked one person to play basketball. At that time, the school had to take an examination of basketball. This excuse made me ask out a sister. During this period, we had a very happy interaction and finally won the sister.

4. Movie: This is rather old-fashioned. Why do so many people do it? Because it’s still effective, women like to watch movies. At least you have a chance to show yourself when you come out. As long as the girl comes out with you, you have a chance.


5. Restaurant: Pay attention to finding a corner position, so as to avoid people’s eyes and reduce the psychological tension of your first girlfriend. Moreover, you should ask her to sit in a position with her back to the door, so that her sight will be centered on you, and at the same time you can see the whole restaurant yourself and guide the conversation in a calm atmosphere. But if it is not particularly interesting or necessary, don’t find a topic in the crowd in the restaurant.


6. Museums: If your sister is elegant and quiet, you can consider visiting museums with her, which may create a good atmosphere unexpectedly. If you don’t understand the history and related knowledge of the things displayed in the museum, you’d better talk about topics other than cultural relics.


7. Competition or performance: Let the girl watch sports competitions or acrobatic performances, let her know about the world she is not very familiar with, and at the same time, you can express your opinions while watching. This is not only to lead your sister into your major and your world, but also to show yourself better, which is not harmful to you.


8, playground: it is easy to make people excited, can create a frank and open atmosphere, the body will naturally approach, but you’d better not take the opportunity to “eat tofu” performance, sister’s strong social intuition will obviously feel it, or to be a gentleman and take care of women.


9. Choice of restaurants: Girls will like elegant and neat small restaurants, exotic western restaurants, or they can go to the restaurant on the top floor of high-rise buildings to enjoy the night in the city while eating.


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