Knowledge about love

1. Once you have a partner

Care must be taken to control weight

when people fall in love

easy to gain weight

boy is more obvious

70% boys

You get fat when you have a partner

Average first year of relationship

Everyone can gain 8kg

as for why

people with objects gain weight

On the one hand two people will eat more

they often go out to eat

on the other hand


feel like i found love

no need to exercise

so you get it

when falling in love

have to keep reminding yourself

can’t eat too much

keep working out

2. In general

the longer you are married

Divorce is harder

but if you two are not married

live together first

things get interesting

As time goes by

The likelihood of cohabiting couples getting married will gradually decrease

possibility of breaking up

no change

if you are in love

your parents and roommates

Predictions for the future of your relationship

more accurate than yourself

because they are more awake

You are not blinded by love

3. Still “intimacy”

Here is an interesting rule

if we are positive about ourselves

whether it’s dating or getting married

i would choose this

praise our subject often


but if we deny ourselves

That is, feeling


even if we are in love

same as everyone’s choice

but once you want to get married

can’t control myself

Vote for those who keep belittling us


First Steps to Avoiding Psychological Domestic Violence

just accept yourself

4. You may have heard the saying

in safe period


not pregnant


actually no

this safety period

Can only reduce the probability of pregnancy at most

not worth contraception

increase safety period

is counting

Many girls have irregular periods


When is 14 days before next period

she can’t say

so don’t believe this

5. Wear a condom

This is a more reliable method of contraception

It’s not just about contraception

more importantly

Can prevent sexually transmitted diseases

So wearing a condom is good for both of you

Check the specific steps yourself

don’t ask me any questions

just to emphasize

Pay attention to make full use of

Is gender protected?

In fact, far more than what I said above

i hope you study hard

Responsible for their own


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