3 steps you must follow when pursuing girls of all types

If you are not even friends, just ask your close friends directly to talk about highly confidential issues. The other party will reject you at best, or block you directly at worst.


If you are just ordinary friends and you confess your love, the other party can only block you…


Please always remember that you can say whatever you want as long as the relationship between you is as deep as the relationship between you. Never jump to an escalation, as that will do you no good.

Follow these three steps to chase a girl

When we have the mentality of a male god, this is the most basic core. Next, we need to learn and improve ourselves step by step through the following three steps.

1: Get to know and attract girls

To meet and attract girls, you must first realize the topic and show yourself through chatting to attract girls.

1: Opening remarks, what kind of opening remarks can quickly open up the conversation with the other party, whether online or in reality, whether a boy or a girl.

2: After opening the conversation, how to expand the topic and show yourself in the conversation, so that the other party likes to chat with you. Master the techniques of switching topics and connecting words.

3: How to strengthen your attraction to her through humor, push-pull teasing, screening and suppression, etc., to stir up the other person’s emotions, make the other person dumbfounded, and make the other person’s heart feel like a roller coaster.

4: Learn how to chat in main and branch lines, master the rhythm of chatting, sometimes humorous and sometimes in-depth, and control the rhythm of chatting.

5: Advanced chat, let the topic cut into some private matters, such as family, life, and relationships. Make the other person hallucinate, as if they are chatting with an old friend for many years.



2: Invitation and body language upgrade

1: When you have an in-depth communication with the other party, you need to use some powerful words to get out of the good guy zone and out of the use zone where the other party feels that you are just a pawn.

2: Dating method, through some almost plug-in dates, let girls obediently treat you to dinner and go on a date with you. And create a perfect date so that she will remember you from the bottom up, both mentally and physically.

3: Physical upgrade, through strong body language and risk-free movement, the relationship between the two people will rise.

Three: Long-term relationships and social life

1: How to keep the relationship between you close, maintain the passion for love, and become a suitable partner for marriage.

2: Improve your life and social circle, because we not only want success in love, but also a colorful life.



No matter what type of girl you like, if you want to upgrade her from ordinary friends to boyfriend and girlfriend, you must go through 3 steps. This kind of love will never be rejected. Love comes too fast, which makes us lose our thinking and think that women, like men, can burst out emotionally in an instant. Sorry, girls are not so impulsive at first. Because girls take far greater risks in love than men!


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