Long-distance relationships are getting weaker and weaker, how to maintain a good relationship?

Long-distance relationships need to be maintained and cannot fade. After they fade, the two people will naturally break up. However, there are still cases where long-distance relationships fade. Today we will understand the reasons why long-distance relationships become weaker and weaker. Let’s take a look. How to do.


The reasons why long-distance relationships are getting weaker and weaker



Why are long-distance relationships getting weaker and weaker?

Reason 1: Suspicion and distrust

It is not easy for long-distance couples to live in separate places. It takes several hours each time to meet each other. It is not easy to see each other in person. They communicate through mobile phone screens every day. The only time to communicate is when they get home from get off work. that moment.

As time goes by, it is inevitable that you will become suspicious of the other person. Girls will think: What is he doing without sending me a message for so long? Why can’t he reply to me in time when I send him a message? Is he with another girl? Is he cheating on me?

And boys will think: Did she encounter any trouble? Is there another suitor around her? Did she betray me?

Most long-distance couples will experience varying degrees of trust crises. The main reason why long-distance couples break up is also because of suspicion. The initial suspicion only increased the conflict between the two people; but the more fierce the suspicion, the stronger the distrust, and the greater the emotional rift between the two people, until in the end, the relationship died.

Reason 2: Not seeing each other for too long leads to unfamiliarity and estrangement, and the relationship disappears.

Relationships need to be maintained, and if they don’t see each other for a long time and haven’t experienced many things together, they will gradually have no common topics, and the relationship between the two will fade away. After not seeing each other for too long, the two of them will become very unfamiliar. They feel like two familiar strangers who don’t know how to speak. One is unwilling to speak and the other is unwilling to ask. In this way, the heartbeat feeling becomes more and more intense. It’s getting lighter.

Why are long-distance relationships getting weaker and weaker?

Reason 3: No longer tolerate each other’s emotions

When you two are together and your partner gets angry or upset, you will do everything you can to comfort her; however, when you have been in a long-distance relationship for a long time, you gradually lose your patience and are no longer willing to tolerate the other person. I no longer forgive the other person’s occasional act of coquettishness.

You are starting to get tired and you don’t even have the strength to pretend. In the face of your partner’s bad mood, you also show bad mood; in the face of your partner’s quarrel, you also respond to the quarrel or cold war. What is love? It is the tolerance and temptation of two souls, the blending and tacit understanding of two bodies. When you lose tolerance and tacit understanding, leaving only indifference and boredom, the relationship comes to an end.

What should I do if my long-distance relationship becomes weaker and weaker?

1. Strengthen your feelings


Many friends who are in long-distance relationships worry that their relationship will become cold if they don’t meet each other. And because you are unable to understand the other party’s situation, some suspicions will arise. Trust becomes very important during this period. The breakdown of many relationships begins with distrust and mutual suspicion.

What should I do if my long-distance relationship becomes weaker and weaker?


2. Effective communication


Time and distance are two factors that test people. Relationships must be maintained through communication. Once normal communication is lost, it is easy to become emotionally passive! Be more caring. Talking more, listening more, and communicating more are very important for the stable development of your relationship. When you express your feelings, you let the other person know that you are giving and you can maintain your relationship.


3. Don’t just wait for boys to take the initiative


After being together for a long time, if two people do not take the initiative, the relationship will not be as sweet as before. This is not unexpected. If you really want to maintain the warmth of the relationship between you, then both of you have to pay more. Both of you need to take the initiative. This will not only make the other party happy, but also give the other party a surprise unintentionally. Moreover, if two people take the initiative, the interaction between the two parties will increase.


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