What kind of boys do girls like?

      If you listen to women talk about men, you will often hear them use the word “disgusting” to describe certain men and some of their actions. As you can imagine by now, when a woman uses this particular word to describe a man, it’s usually not a good thing. And you’d also think that when a woman uses this particular word, it’s usually not to a guy she likes (although that’s not always true).
It took me years of research to really grasp what women meant when they said “he’s annoying” and “he’s annoying what he does.” Women Hate Cowardly Men Thinking about it, what do I realize is the root of why women find men and their behavior annoying? Basically an act of cowardice!
Here are some things that annoy most women:
— called her too much;
—Tell her you have “feelings” for her too soon;
— Give her your power and let her dominate you;
— not leading, but always asking a woman what she wants;
— show obedience and weakness;
—Accept her request and allow her to make trouble without reason;
— to satisfy her and not to think of himself;

     You might be asking, “What, how did this happen?” How can showing affection to her be put off by calling her, telling her you have feelings for her, letting her make up her mind, putting her first? Think about what the answer is? that is the truth!
     Women, especially attractive and attractive women, often find the above behaviors very annoying. The reason is that no matter how good these actions may look on the surface, they will only come to one conclusion: the men who do these things are real, 100% guaranteed cowards! Women are not attracted to wimpy men, never! Now, am I really, really sure that “women are never attracted to cowards”? I mean, is this an overgeneralization? Nothing is absolute truth, right? But this is the truth. Actually, what I mean is: Although this is a generalization, it is always true! Just in case I didn’t get it right, let me say it again for your understanding: women are not attracted to cowards.
Now you understand why all the “nice” behaviors you do for a woman always keep her away from you, it’s because she finds your “nice” (cowardly) behavior annoying. What’s confusing is how often you’ll hear a woman say things like: “I want a man who’s strong and sensual” or “He’s going to have his own life, interests, and circle of friends, but also have his full attention. Me.” I’ve always seen such contradictory things in women, and I’m sure you’ve seen them yourself. Women will often say they want a man who seems impossible in reality. What’s the situation? Are women crazy? (Yes) But seriously, what do they mean by what they say?
     Women always seem to say they want a man with different strengths, and those strengths can’t coexist at the same time, what’s the matter? I remember hearing these things myself, and I said to myself “well, I have the emotional part now, so I should start getting a little stronger.” To be more “strong,” I figured I couldn’t be so lazy anymore, Gotta go to the gym. It’s not a joke, I really did it. Here’s the big lesson I learned: I just realized I was going to be wrong and that I should really be a strong but occasionally emotional man instead of thinking I’m a sentimental man who needs to be strong. The difference might seem like a play on words, but it’s not, not at all.
     You need to understand that when a woman says she wants “a strong and emotional man”, it means that she wants a strong man, and the emotional part is optional compared to being strong. That’s why women so often date bad boys who are stingy with their affection, instead of us “nice guys” who can do anything for her. Remember, attraction is not a choice! A woman doesn’t sit down and make a list of what she wants in a man, then spend a few days thinking about whether or not you fit the bill, and then decide whether or not she’s attracted to you. Attraction happens instantaneously, and for all sorts of “illogical” reasons that even the woman herself cannot describe in the usual way. So what’s the answer? The recognized answer here is this: When you’re with a woman you like, you do a lot of things that they think are annoying. You have to understand that in order to give a woman what she really wants – control over herself, her surroundings and her man, you sometimes have to do things that seem “inconsiderate”.
     Stop doing things that mean “I’m a coward” because they turn women off. Start doing the following things you will learn: reduce neediness, be proud and funny, tease her and challenge her, take the initiative to lead her instead of following. The mistake a man often makes is that he wants to have all these different strengths, but in fact they can’t be combined at the same time. Women like bad boys because bad boys can express themselves more and attract women more. Women say they want a man who is humorous and strong, and what a woman says she wants seems contradictory. What should the man do? The first thing a man should do is to learn what works. Not what sounds like it might work, or what you think works, but what actually works! Here’s some of what I learned: *Body language is more important than what you say. In fact, even if you have the best “pickup lines” ever, the woman you’re talking to won’t be attracted to you if you don’t understand body language. Here’s another point: *Doing things that are “nice” to a woman won’t make her like you for it, in fact, it usually has the opposite effect and drives her away from you. Here’s the third point: *Although bad boys are not nice to women, it doesn’t mean women won’t like them. In fact, women are often so attracted to these bad boys that they can’t control the feeling. As I learned about these interesting, “unusual” facts, I began to study the special things that “spontaneous” pickups do to attract women. Another great discovery I made was that any man can attract a woman if he understands how attraction works. In fact, women will be more willing to stay with you if you don’t have the rough and meanness of a gangster