Do you know how girls like your performance?

If it is mentioned that girls like boys, it may be hidden
Unlike the vast majority of boys, their preferences are all on their faces: they are staring at you and pursuing you; they are treating you well and showing loyalty.
Sometimes their love for you may be as passionate as a storm, or it may be as silent as a gentle stream.
But no matter what the situation is, there will be a characteristic-they will show clues that they just can’t treat you the same as others.

Here are a few ways a girl likes you:

1. Like to talk about you with others
This is an unconscious behavior, because they are excited about you, so they are more willing to talk about you with others.

Your character, your family, what you have done, what you mean by a certain sentence, the motivation behind a certain behavior… 

 To those who don’t know it, it seems to be possessed.It’s obviously a boring topic, why is she so interested?”

2. Like to inquire about your information
On the surface, it seems that they don’t care, but in fact they always seem to turn the topic to you unintentionally, trying to get your information from others.
This is the easiest way for them to get to know you when they don’t know you well.

3. Very jealous, even she knows it’s not worth it
It is difficult for a girl who really likes you to reason and give in on the matter of “possessiveness”.
Sometimes you even feel strange: “How can she still be jealous because of cats and dogs? How can she still be jealous because of games? How can she still be jealous because of my good buddies???”

In fact, it’s not that they don’t know that there are some things that shouldn’t be jealous. It’s logically and behaviorally unreasonable—but don’t underestimate the possessiveness of girls. When they want to be the most important member of your life, they must be jealous of any obstacles 


4. Figure out your dynamics

They will attach great importance to all the messages you send: a photo, a complaint, or an unclear sentence; they will stop seriously after seeing it, and ponder over it over and over again.
“What does he mean by that? Is it related to me?”

5. Will work harder, the essence is to worry about gains and losses

Girls, it’s still too modest after all. A well-known beauty will always look in the mirror to pick out her little flaws and problems.
After liking you, they will basically have a sense of urgency: “Only when I become better can he like me more.”

As a result, healthy girls began to lose weight excessively, and handsome girls began to go crazy for plastic surgery. They tried to balance their own gains and losses through appearance, which is easy to improve in the short term.

In fact, if you are careful about these performances of girls, I believe you can easily spot them. If you find such a girl around you, please go after it boldly, just to be with the one you love.


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