How to get over a breakup?

     You will still be sad after a breakup. You will cry secretly during countless sleepless nights. You will always think of your ex and the good times we spent together. How sweet they used to be. But now you can’t get over the loss of a breakup. So how do you get out of the haze of a broken relationship?


Ways to get out of the haze of broken love


How to get over the haze of broken love after a breakup

1. Don’t deliberately suppress your emotions

Don’t look up at the sky and try to hold back your tears, don’t silently wipe your tears with your own clothes. Cry if you want to. Crying can release your grievances. Crying can relieve the pain in your heart. If you suppress your emotions, it will make your heart even more painful. If you suppress them for too long, your whole emotions will collapse on the day when they really explode.


2. Ignore all holidays and anniversaries

People after a breakup are particularly afraid of being alone. Because a person is lonely, it is inevitable that he will think of that person. Especially on the anniversary of meeting you and him, or the other person’s birthday, he will always be in your mind. Since days are unavoidable, then you have to make yourself busy and have no time to think about him. You can try asking your good friends to go shopping together, then have a meal, arrange your own schedule for the day, and do what you want to do, so that you won’t think about him.


3. Use communication to open the blockade of broken love

Communicating is a good key to unlocking the blockade of broken love. When you are broken up, you should not close yourself off, but rather open your heart to welcome a new life. Make a phone call and arrange a get-together with a few friends; organize an activity and spend time with relatives and old friends. The lively atmosphere will definitely make you put aside the troubles of falling in love; the sincere friendship will definitely make you forget the pain of falling in love. Let’s set out now and move towards a beautiful tomorrow.



4. Use reading to transfer the trauma of broken love

If you don’t like the noisy atmosphere, it doesn’t matter. You can go to the reading room and read quietly, or make a cup of tea and read a book at home. Let the strong struggle of the protagonist in the book inspire you, and let the profound accumulation of history in the book influence you. I believe that as long as you calm down, you will get unexpected gains from the book. Books are a source of knowledge, a carrier of inspiration and an analgesic for trauma.


5. Determine small target emotions

Now that you’ve sorted it out, quickly set yourself a goal that you particularly want to break through, and this goal is definitely a “small” goal, not a “big” goal. If you want to get out of the trough and gradually build confidence, it must come from the achievement of many small goals, rather than unrealistic goals such as “I want to make a lot of money,” “I want to make many new friends,” “I want to be more popular,” etc. slogan. These can be your long-term goals, but before reaching these goals, you might as well build up your confidence with some small goals that can be achieved immediately!


Because you have been in love and have lived for so long, there must be some living habits that are difficult for you to accept, so the first step for you to start changing is to get out of these habits and do what you want to do in love but not Things I didn’t do because of him. Slowly shift your focus from your original habits to your own life. Treat yourself as the center, the only center, and everything revolves around you.


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