What to talk about on a first date?

Going on a first date can be very stressful. You may not know what to talk about when you meet again, and your mind may go blank. What is the best thing to say when a boy and a girl go on a first date?




19 Top Topics for a First Date:

1. Brothers and sisters


When meeting for the first time, the usual topic is to talk about brothers and sisters. Talking about brothers and sisters can deepen understanding and liven up the atmosphere. And if you want to know about her family, it shows that you like her, which will make it easier to win her trust.


2. Childhood ideals


Let’s talk about your childhood ideals. This is a fun topic that is both light-hearted and bonding. If you want her to talk, the happier she is, the more fun you’ll have.


3. Friends around you


Talk to her about her friends. Maybe you don’t know them, but that doesn’t matter. She will happily talk about her friends, the details of their interactions, when and where they met. Maybe you’re not interested at all, but don’t be impatient


4. Latest movies


Girls are always interested in good movies. You can talk about the movies you like or the movies she likes. If you like the same genre, that would be the best choice.


5. Hometown customs


People who love their hometown always give people a sense of reliability, stability and deep affection.


6. Personal interests


When going on a blind date, you can understand each other’s interests. This is a topic that is very important for the future and can easily cause laughter. Pay attention to the scale.


7. Childhood embarrassments


Who didn’t have embarrassing things in childhood? Telling them will not affect your glorious image, and make people feel that you are kind and cute.


8. Interest in life


Blind dates are for the sake of staying together and living together in the future. If we don’t talk about this, what else is there to talk about?


9. Send invitations


If she is having a great time chatting on a first date, her eyes light up when she looks at you, and the distance between the two of you is getting closer and closer, then there is something going on. You can discuss your plans with her and casually extend the invitation, but don’t rush it or scare her. But don’t worry, if she is happy, she will be happy to be with you and will not reject you easily.


10. Places of interest and historical sites


What places of interest have you been to before? She was happy to answer this question and was not wary. In order to get her to start talking, ask her to introduce you again. As long as you are a loyal listener, she will quickly develop a good impression of you. At this time, you can be more proactive and ask her where else she wants to go. If she says she has always wanted to go to such and such a place, your chance to show off will come. Be brave and say, “I’ve always wanted to go there too. Let’s go together one day and let’s make our dream come true together?” She will happily accept your invitation. In fact, after talking about this, you have learned a lot about her knowledge background, interests and hobbies.


11. Favorite food


If you are meeting on a date in a restaurant or bar, it can be a pleasant conversation starter to talk about your favorite foods. By talking about food, you can not only understand her tastes and find common ground, but you no longer have to worry about running out of topics. If she has a special skill, take advantage of the opportunity to praise her, and then ask her, “My mouth is watering. Let me enjoy it one day.” Even if she knows that you are complimenting her, she will still take advantage of it. If you also have a hand, don’t forget to invite her to taste your craft.


12. Future plans


Can you talk about your life in college? Do you still want to continue school? She may be very interested in these topics and talk about her student life, interesting things, various honors, etc. However, she may also react coldly, just say that her current job major is inappropriate, and then change the subject. However, no matter what happens, it gives you a good opportunity to establish a sense of identity.


13. Work situation


If you have been working for a while after graduating from college, talking about work is a good topic. However, you have to control the initiative and don’t let her keep nagging about trivial things in life. The more she talks, the more unhappy she will become, and the more you listen, the more impatient you will become. However, when most people talk about their work, even if it is boring, they will talk about it in a very grand way. It doesn’t matter, you can at least know whether she will be a workaholic or a good housewife in the future.


14. Friends around you


Talk to her about her friends. Maybe you don’t know them, but that doesn’t matter. She will happily talk about her friends, the details of their interactions, when and where they met. Maybe you are not interested at all, but don’t be impatient. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know her. Want to develop a relationship with her? Start by getting to know her friends.


15. Hobbies


Likes to collect stamps, sing, or dance? Do you like sports? What kind of music do you like to listen to? You must ask these questions, otherwise how will you know her hobbies? And she also hopes to show herself that she can achieve multiple things with one stone, so why not do it.


16. Don’t mention her old love


On the first date, don’t ask her about her old love. If she doesn’t bring up such a topic, you can’t speak rashly. She may still be in love with him, or she may still be in the pain of falling out of love. When you meet her for the first time, don’t think that you can win her favor by talking about her past lovers, enlightening her, and comforting her. This will often backfire. If you want to please her, don’t let her reminisce about the past and talk about happy things. Remember, your goal is to win her, not to wipe her tears.


17. Appropriate praise


Everyone loves beauty. It is human nature to love beauty and to be praised. Appropriate but not exaggerated praise can make the other person feel more favorable to you. Of course, it is best not to praise specific parts of the body when you first meet. It can be Clothing, temperament, knowledge and conversation, etc.


18. Talk about your character


Are you a person who loses your temper easily? This question can help you understand his personality, which determines the way he treats others. Angry people are often not liked by others, and you can see the big problem from this.


19. Your favorite book, movie, exhibition or game


You can understand a person from these aspects. For example, if he likes to read Han Han’s books, he is a literary young man, if he likes to read Guo Jingming’s novels, he is a fashionable person, and may be a bit worshipper of money. This can also be used to test the other person’s connotation.


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