7 Tips for Having happy sex with your partner.

In the sex bed, the first thing we think of is undoubtedly satisfying sex,

undoubtedly the most wonderful thing. But for men, they all want to extend their sex time and let women bow.


However, the short sex time makes many men feel distressed. In fact, it is not difficult to extend the sex time and achieve perfect sex. With a little thought and skill, perfect sex can be achieved. 

7 tips to have perfect sex and make her love you more


1. Exercise your sex skills


Life lies in movement, and sex also needs exercise to be stronger. We will find that people with better physical health spend more time making love.


And people with poor health, their sex time is shorter. Therefore, we should keep exercising and pay attention to nutritious diet. At the same time, do some muscle exercises, such as stopping the ejaculation intermittently during urination, counting 10 times before continuing to urinate. In addition, you can also work at your desk, driving, hard to contract the penis muscles to improve control.


2. Do what you want

Many people have sex a few times a week, a few times a month. However, this kind of regular sex undoubtedly pushes the wonderful feeling to the dead end. Perfect sex is not sex for sex’s sake, but we are all very immersed in it and enjoy the wonderful feeling of sex.


When you feel like it, do it. Don’t force yourself if you don’t want to. Only when you want to, can make sex more harmonious, perfect. You can add some “catalysts” to sex, such as Durex M full moon multi-functional sex massager, its soft silicone edge brings a unique massage experience, with 7 major functions, bring a richer shock experience.


3, sex dispersion method


If you want to prolong sex, the key problem is to reduce the sensitivity of the glans. We all know that the glans is the first sexual sensitive area of men, and the final ejaculation occurs because the glans are strongly stimulated.


If the sensitivity of the glans can be reduced, ejaculation can be delayed. When you’re engaged in sex, you focus on the glans. Men even have the feeling that their whole body has entered the female body. At this time, if you can think about other things, you will temporarily relieve the urge to ejaculate.


4, adjust the frequency of the twitch


When men are having sex, they will obviously find that once they ejaculate, sex time is up. Therefore, when there is a sense of ejaculation, the man can slow down the twitch speed, reduce the amplitude of the action, can also suspend the twitch or pull out the penis, and then resume the twitch after the sense of urgency subside, repeated such actions can significantly extend the time of sexual intercourse.


5. Changeable posture


The sex position is not uniform, you can always change the sex position, so that every sex becomes different, full of stimulation. Although we can’t master all sexual positions, it is important to remember that all positions are the same. So, adding different elements to each pose will make it a new pose. Missionaries, for example, put a pillow on their hips to make the pleasure more intense.


6. Change your position appropriately


Lateral horizontal, female up, sitting can extend the time of sexual intercourse, because the man is less forceful, muscle relaxation, so that men can control their desire to ejaculate, thereby extending the time of sexual intercourse.


In addition, condoms can also prolong intercourse. Of course, we also need to pay attention to is that women up, sitting and other positions, female vaginal mouth down, love fluid is easy to drain, easy to lead to vaginal dryness. Therefore, remember to apply cherry fruit human body lubricant, which can effectively relieve dry conditions.


7. Get excited with the other person


Many men and women remain silent during sex, preferring to feel each other silently. However, sex is not a silent process.


Men don’t like women who don’t say anything in bed either, so say something in bed that turns you and your partner on, but don’t swear.


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