Couples can’t wait to make out? Actively avoid 4 “harmful” time periods.

     At present, many people no longer think that the physiological needs of men and women are ashamed, after all, with the continuous progress of society, our thoughts have also been greatly improved and open, so for the normal intimacy between men and women should also show respect.


     After the two sides get married, they become a husband and wife, and husband and wife are inevitably indispensable for making out with each other, which is also the normal physiological needs of people.


And husband and wife activities not only have great benefits for physical and mental health, but also help to promote deeper feelings between the two sides. However, experts warn that some time periods need to be avoided, otherwise the harm to men and women is great.


Is making out healthy for couples?

The “intimate” between husband and wife is of great benefit to the physical and mental health of both sides. In order to live a good marriage in a good mental state and good physical condition, both sides can enjoy the best enjoyment and enhance each other’s feelings.

According to research, kissing consumes a lot of calories, no less than moderate intensity exercise. Nowadays, many people are troubled by obesity, watching their body shape out of shape, fat accumulation in the body, is a very troublesome thing.


There are many ways to lose weight, not only strengthening exercise, regular work and rest, adjusting diet, appropriate kissing also helps. Because in the process of kissing, most people’s nerves are highly tense, the body’s metabolism is accelerated, and excess calories can be consumed faster, which helps to lose weight.

According to a medical school study, married life is the equivalent of jogging. If you jog 75 kilometers three times a week in a year, you burn 7,500 calories.


And regular husband and wife life can also promote metabolism, in husband and wife life, breathing unconsciously deepens, so that the amount of oxygen obtained by the cell increases. This helps to promote the function of various organs and tissues in the body, so it is said that husband and wife intimacy has certain benefits to health.


Couples can’t wait to make out 4 “hurt” time period, or take the initiative to avoid it

Step 1 Drink

Some boys will have this impulse to live a married life after drinking and socializing, which is actually only under the influence of this wine will live a married life. This kind of marital activity not only affects the quality of life, but also is not conducive to the physical health of both sides.

After drinking, the blood circulation in the body will be accelerated, and alcohol will enter the body with the blood, which has a great impact on the kidneys. Especially in the absence of contraceptive measures, unwanted pregnancies can also have a certain impact on the fetus in the womb.

This is why men should abstain from alcohol while a woman is preparing for pregnancy, and also for the health of the baby in the womb.


2. After a full meal

As the saying goes, full of wine and food, full of desire, that is to say, after a full meal, desire is easy to increase. In ancient times, people often carried out marital activities after a full meal.

But in fact, this time period is not appropriate, because after eating, the gastrointestinal tract needs a lot of blood supply to digest and absorb food. At this time, the blood in other parts of the body will decrease, and if husband and wife life is carried out at this time, it is not conducive to blood circulation in the body.


3. Get up in the morning

It is best not to engage in conjugal activities when you get up in the morning. In fact, many of us think that the morning is very full of physical and mental, the body after a night of metabolism recovery, so it is easy to meet the physiological needs of both husband and wife.

But husband and wife life requires a lot of physical strength, will make our body feel very tired, which will affect our mental state of the day, not conducive to our work.


4. Menstruation

During menstruation, this time period is very unsuitable for lovers to make out, because at this time the body of female friends is relatively fragile, immunity is particularly low, and a little bacteria will be infected. At the same time, the woman’s uterus is in a state of repair.

If you want to live a husband and wife life at this time, it is easy to lead to female friends’ uterus being infected, and it will also bring a lot of emotional distress to female friends.


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